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We prioritise your smile transformation with our cutting-edge Invisalign services for residents of Reigate and surrounding areas. Invisalign stands as a contemporary solution, offering a discreet and comfortable alternative to conventional braces. Our highly skilled orthodontic team is dedicated to tailoring each treatment plan to meet your unique orthodontic needs, ensuring a personalised and effective approach. 

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Invisalign vs Braces

The decision between Invisalign and traditional braces is a choice influenced by individual preferences and orthodontic requirements. Invisalign boasts clear aligners that are nearly invisible, providing an aesthetically pleasing option in contrast to the noticeable appearance of braces. The added benefit of Invisalign lies in its removable nature, facilitating easier maintenance of oral hygiene. While traditional braces may be suitable for specific cases, Invisalign stands out as a discreet and comfortable solution for many, seamlessly blending into your daily life without compromising aesthetics or convenience.

The Invisalign Process

The Invisalign journey starts with a thorough consultation, allowing our experienced orthodontists to comprehensively assess your unique orthodontic needs. Utilising advanced 3D imaging technology, we craft a custom treatment plan tailored to your specific case. The treatment involves a series of clear aligners, each worn for approximately two weeks, gradually guiding your teeth into the desired position. Regular check-ups ensure the progress and success of your Invisalign treatment. With Invisalign, you can achieve a beautifully aligned smile, free from the inconvenience and visibility associated with traditional braces.

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What can Invisalign® fix?


Upper teeth fit inside lower teeth


Too little room for teeth


Too much room for teeth


Gap between teeth when biting down


Front teeth stick out


Lower jaw sticks out forward


Teeth are crooked or misaligned

Why Choose zen dental?

experienced invisalign provider

We have been recognised as Invisalign Diamond Apex Providers. This level of recognition indicated that we have extensive experience and expertise in achieving optimal results with the Invisalign system.

3d smile simulation

With our latest technology you can see a virtual preview of how your teeth could look after the proposed treatment, giving you a better idea of the potential outcome before any commitment.

flexible payment options

Dental Finance: We offer 0% finance plans for a period of up to 12 months.

Pay As You Go: Pay the Invisalign deposit fee and we can split the remaining balance over 6-18 months (this can depend on how long your treatment will take).

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4 steps - the InvIsalIgn process






Check out some of our happy smiles from our patients who have completed their Invisalign treatment.

FReQuently Asked Questions

Invisalign employs clear aligners that are nearly invisible, offering a discreet alternative to the noticeable appearance of traditional braces. The aligners are also removable, allowing for easier maintenance of oral hygiene.
Invisalign is suitable for many orthodontic cases, addressing issues like crowding, spacing, and misalignment. However, the suitability depends on individual factors. Our experienced orthodontic team will assess your specific needs during a consultation.
Invisalign clear aligners are designed for comfort, and most patients adjust quickly to wearing them. Any initial discomfort is usually mild and temporary. Our team ensures a comfortable fit, and we provide guidance on adjusting to the aligners.

RevieWs FRom Happy Patients

Naman Joshi
Naman Joshi
Highly recommend this dental practice to anyone local to the area. High quality of work and amazing customer service from Akshay and the rest of the practice!
Anabel Griffiths
Anabel Griffiths
I have had such a great experience at Zen dental, the team are all so helpful, friendly and welcoming. Shivali and Shaimil have helped with my Invisalign and whitening journey, they are both amazing and I’m so happy with my results! Akshay did my composite edge bonding, he spent a lot of time looking at the details of my teeth to try and make the bonding look as natural as possible, he listened to what I wanted and also knew what would look best for me, I am beyond happy with my teeth now. Akshay is a true perfectionist and takes his time to get the best results! Thank you so much to everyone!
Bethany Devon
Bethany Devon
I am absolutely thrilled with my new smile! I wanted a better version of my own teeth (still natural looking) and that’s exactly what Akshay has achieved. He was extremely understanding, listened to me from the outset and checked progress with me along the way, so I felt really comfortable being kept in the loop. I have had so many compliments since undergoing the bonding, especially at how natural they look. I have genuinely had an amazing experience from start to finish (all staff are so friendly and attentive) and couldn’t recommend Zen Dental enough. I will be showing my teeth in every picture for the foreseeable!!
Dhavina Koria
Dhavina Koria
Dr Tuba was so great and I had an excellent experience. She was very reassuring and gave me a clear plan going forward. I look forward to visiting again and couldn’t recommend Zen Dental enough! Thank you again 🙂
Josh Noon
Josh Noon
Great service & great results!
Glyn Davies
Glyn Davies
I found this a stressfree visit and put at ease straight away. The cleanliness of the building and the hygiene of the dentists made my visit pleasant.
Kate Andrew
Kate Andrew
Absolutely AMAZING experience from walking through the door to the treatment. More than 100% professional
Sue Thornton
Sue Thornton
I really don’t like the dentist but a lovely friendly relaxed environment which helps a very nervous patient!
Rakesh Bhatia
Rakesh Bhatia
I saw Dr. Tuba for a free Invisalign appointment and to get a third opinion in general. My case was complicated and I had conflicting opinions from elsewhere. She explained everything very well and guided me through the options. I finally had root canal on couple of my teeth and she made it seamless and look easy! Overall a hassle free experience with Zen Dental.

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